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milk chocolate

Honey, pollen

Honey, pollen

  • seductive and handmade
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Sprinkled with honey milk chocolate with a sprinkling of pollen , the unique taste will take you to the vast flowering meadows, where the sweetest chocolate fairy tale is born, 100 g


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  • Belgian chocolate
  • Honey and pollen
  • Verified quality
  • Gluten free

Honey chocolate with flower powder will seduce you with a wonderful milk chocolate base with a 34% cocoa content and a seductive taste of honey. For you, we have sprinkled it with tiny, fragile and aromatic pollen balls.

Let the taste of honey chocolate delights take you to vast flowering meadows and sweeten your day with the most beautiful flavors of nature - discover the charms of honey milk chocolate with flower powder from the Sweets of Slovenia collection.

Share the honey chocolate treats from the Sweetness of Slovenia collection with your friends, who will certainly be happy to spread such delicious chocolate gifts. Business partners will also be impressed by the chocolate-honey flavor of your choice for business gifts. Due to the beautiful packaging and the selected flavors, those who appreciate tradition and authenticity will be especially happy with the sprinkled milk honey chocolates.

Quality as a guide

We have not added any artificial colors or preservatives to the honey chocolate creation, as the wonderful and creamy taste is created by a combination of selected natural ingredients and a premium chocolate base. It is gluten free.

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Honey chocolate

Let the taste of honey chocolate delights take you to vast flowering meadows and sweeten your day with the flavors of nature.
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