This is not quite ordinary packaging, this is packaging with a story. With a story about the beauty and romanticism of the Slovenian countryside. The countryside, where generations of beekeepers have been producing Slovenian honey for centuries, in the midst of pure and unspoiled nature, in close coexistence with native Carniola lavender.

Due to its cute appearance, the packaging turns a jar of honey into a desirable gift or souvenir, and its high-quality construction allows it to protect the honey from sunlight.

The pattern consists of Slovenian carnation and heart motifs in gray and honey yellow on a white background.

Honey and gift packaging

  • Flower honey
    Flower honey is the most familiar and common type of honey. It is characterized by a very pleasant sweet taste and a beautiful golden yellow color.
  • Acacia honey
    Aroma of virgin honeycomb, fresh wax, acacia flowers; occasionally after the flowers of fruit plants, floral (violets, roses), fruity after apples, pears, sometimes after vanilla, cream candies.
  • surovi nesegreti gozdni med
    Forest honey
    The bees have created a natural mixture of nectar and manna forest honey of chestnut, maple, spruce and hoja.
    In 2023, selected finalist of the world competition of the best honeys in the USA.
  • Chestnut honey
    Chestnut is generally considered to be among the best of all types of honey.
    In addition to its unique taste, choose it because it is rich in minerals and antioxidants that have positive effects on health.

Mellifera Slovenian home honeys from the beekeeper; natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants and a rich natural taste, which makes it an excellent choice for those who value high quality.

Our honey has a protected geographical indication SMGO , which you can recognize by a sticker with the words Slovenki med and a unique serial number for each jar.

  • mini tulec za poslovno darilo z medom in personalizacijo
    Suitable for 120 g of honey.
  • mali tulec za poslovno darilo z medom in personalizacijo
    Suitable for 265 g of honey.
  • srednji tulec za poslovno darilo z medom in personalizacijo
    The middle one
    Suitable for 450 g of honey.
  • dodatki za poslovno darilo z medom in personalizacijo
    Check the range of matching gift bags and wrapping paper with our colleagues.
  • We personalize with your company logo, easily with our designer.

Chocolate honey

  • Possible personalization of chocolate packaging.
  • Honey chocolate
    Fine honey chocolate with real honey in creamy Belgian milk chocolate - for your sweetest moments of the day. The beautiful packaging is decorated with bees
  • Honey pralines
    The 3×3 Honey Praline Bonbonniera contains 9 of the sweetest chocolate pralines with Slovenian flower honey, which we have enriched with lavender, ginger or flower powder.
  • Honey and pollen
    Sprinkled with honey milk chocolate with a sprinkling of pollen, the unique taste will transport you to the vast flowering meadows, where the sweetest chocolate fairy tale is born.
  • Hazelnut dragees
    Exceptional handmade chocolate balls with hazelnuts were covered with delicious honey chocolate, sprinkled with gold dust and dressed in an elegant glass gift box. Add the logo to the sticker over the cap.


100% Slovenian buckwheat honey liqueur from Prekmurje is made from completely natural ingredients.

As a grain, buckwheat contains various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are preserved in buckwheat honey through special production processes. We then mix the produced honey with home-made spirit and add some secret ingredients that place our liqueurs at the very top of the world's honey liqueurs.

50 ml / 200 ml / 500 ml

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  • dostava poslovnih daril v dogovorjenem času

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