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Honey chocolate

Honey chocolate

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Fine honey chocolate with real honey in creamy Belgian milk chocolate - for your sweetest moments of the day. The beautiful packaging is decorated with bees. 60 g handmade tablet in a gift box.

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  • Belgian chocolate
  • Sweetened with honey
  • Verified quality
  • Gluten free

Are you tempted by honeyed dreams? Nothing easier, travel to the sweet land of milky honey pleasures offered by HONEY chocolate. Let worries ring far away.

Honey chocolate offers you a unique honey experience, trapped in delicious milk chocolate with a 34.3% cocoa content. Each piece of chocolate will gently melt in your mouth into a tempting honey essence.

Quality as a guide

No artificial colors or preservatives have been added to the honey chocolate creation, as the wonderful and creamy taste is created by a combination of selected natural ingredients and a premium chocolate base. It is gluten free.

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