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Spruce honey

Spruce honey

Slovenian homemade spruce honey is freshly produced from spruce manna and is known for its unique, sweet taste and medicinal properties. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances that help prevent diseases and strengthen the immune system. Our honey has a Slovenian honey certificate with a protected geographical indication .

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Why choose spruce honey?

It is rich in minerals and antioxidants, and also contains a lot of vitamin C and iron. Due to its properties, it helps with colds and coughs, strengthens the immune system and helps with digestive problems.

The quality of Slovenian honey

A big advantage of the Slovenian beekeeper's honey is that it has not traveled long distances . The product of these very long distances, often incorrect storage and mixing of honey from different parts of the world pose a significant risk that the quality of the final product will decrease.


All natural honey solidifies after a certain storage time. This is called crystallization of honey and allows the honey to be preserved for a longer period in a natural way.

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