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Raw Unheated Floral Honey 3x

Raw Unheated Floral Honey 3x

  • 3x Raw Unheated Floral Med 900g with a 10% volume discount

A unique blend of floral aromas poured directly into the jars, so this is a raw, unheated floral honey originating from Lendava that offers an aromatic taste.

I dealen for various purposes - from use in culinary recipes to beneficial effects on health.

  • full of vitamins and minerals
  • completely raw unheated honey
  • poured directly into a glass jar
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    One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, raw honey provides a source of energy for the body. Plot twist: It also helps produce calming serotonin and melatonin in the brain, making it great for chasing Ssssleep.


Heavy daily tasks?

Eat a teaspoon when you want extra drive and motivation.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Eat a teaspoon of honey at least 30 minutes before bed or mix it into a drink of your choice.

Do you run out of energy during the day?

In the morning, mix one spoonful of honey into your choice of tea or coffee. This will give you an extra boost with the help of nature.


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